DJane Nakadia - Jugendzentrum Jungle Meran - Centro giovani Jungle Merano

DJane Nakadia in Interview

DJane Nakadia kommt aus der Techno-Hauptstadt Berlin und lebt erfolgreich für und von ihrer Musik ( Am 24.07.2020 hat sie das Jungle besucht und einen kleinen Gastauftritt im Zuge des DJ-Workshops hingelegt! Suri hat ein Interview mit der renomierten Künstlerin geführt:

Suri: Now after spending some time in our city Meran/o as a tourist, what is your impression of it? 

Nakadia: I was in the city only short time when I came to meet you, but I know Merano from previous years. It’s a very beautiful city and I love the landscape around it. I feel like the world is so peaceful and like there are no problems at all. It’s like a dream world.

Suri: How important do you think, are places of creative freedom like the Jungle for a touristic city like Meran/o?

Nakadia: The Jungle really impressed me. Honestly, I never been to a young center like this before, I had never experienced something like this and I think it is a perfect place for young people to be creative and do what they love to do. To have this opportunity is so important. I come from a small town in Thailand, but young people have no chance to explore and they feel like life gives them no chance to develop. They don’t even know what they like in life. For a city like Merano I think it is so important to offer something to the young generation, so they not feel left out when most attention goes to tourism and to make the tourists happy. The young generation is the future!

Suri: We had a lot of girls interested into the world of electronic music and djing attending that night. Would you like to share some empowering words to these future female djs?

Nakadia: For me it is very important to point out that music has no gender and that girls should not be shy to follow their passion. If they love music and feel they want to be DJ, they should go for it without hesitation. Girls often feel music in different way then men and they play sets in a different way. For years we where held back and we could not show the world how we feel and play music, but now is a different time. Many people love to listen to girls and we finally getting attention. The doors are finally open to prove ourselves. If you love the music and you are not just copying somebody else… if you are yourself and you want to show the world how your music sounds like – go for it!

Suri: You‘re living the dream of many aspiring young djs by living in the Techno capital Berlin and playing all over the world. What is your personal advice to young DJ generation, how can one succeed?

Nakadia: Yes, it’s true… I live my dream. but don’t think it was easy! It was a hard fight for so many years. The DJ scene is one of the most competitive industries in the world and if you want to make it in this industry, it will not be easy. You really have to love this life and when you go for it, don’t do it for the money. Do it because you love it. And if you work hard, there is a chance to make money and travel the world. But that should never be the goal in the first place. I try to enjoy every day of my life with my music – and I also did when I was playing in Thailand for empty dance floors at the beginning of my career, when everybody told me I should give up.